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Matt Smith 7b Bowties

With all this talk of Tennant ties, I’m surprised there isn’t more immediate interest in the Matt Smith bowties! Of course, I don’t cosplay the 11th Doctor (although eventually I plan on putting a 7b cosplay together… when I have … Continue reading

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The Tie Countdown

Perhaps because I’m absurdly idealistic, I’m attempting to collect originals of all 14 ties associated with David Tennant’s time as the Doctor. I expect this project to take many years and a lot of money, but I’m excited for the … Continue reading

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Rocha. John Rocha.

No sooner had I published my latest rant about scalpers and hoarders snatching up all 8 Rocha ties than I came across a brand new eBay auction for more BNWT Rocha John Rocha ties! And even cheaper this time, at … Continue reading

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The Rocha Tie and the eBay Race

Rant time! As a collector of original Tennant ties, I wake up practically every morning and scour eBay in hopes of stumbling across an auction for one. In this way, I managed to purchase TWO original Armani’s (my duplicate was … Continue reading

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