Matt Smith Series 5 Bowties

While I’m still figuring out some details with the Series 6 bowties, I thought I’d post a quick index of the Series 5 bowties.

There’s mostly two bowties in Series 5 – and in Series 6 they were retired. Bowtie 3 only makes one brief appearance in The Big Bang – although a very similar self-tie version of Bowtie 3 features heavily in Series 6’s Let’s Kill Hitler.

The word on the street is that Bowtie 2 (navy) is actually denim. Bowtie 1 (burgundy) is a plain silk weave. Bowtie 3 (white) is silk in a traditional piqué weave. All three of these bowties are pre-tied.

Matt Smith Visual Bowtie Index5



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2 Responses to Matt Smith Series 5 Bowties

  1. Steven says:

    I’d like to note that the season 5 white tie and season 6 are different, season 5 had pretied silk, where as season 6 had the more appropriate self tie piqué.

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