The Matt Smith Bowties – Full Index

I’ve been posting here indexes of the Matt Smith bowties by Series. But for future reference, I don’t want to have to click through a bunch of them for the information, and I’m sure you don’t either! So set your bookmarks to this page, because here I will be posting all the information in one big post for you to save. As new or better information becomes available this page may update, so check back if you have a question you’d like answered! The chances are, I have that question, too. 😉

Matt Smith’s Doctor wears 13, possibly 14 different bowties throughout his time in the TARDIS. Most of his bowties were custom made and therefore cannot be found on eBay or elsewhere. You best bet for cosplay is to commission a weaver or company to custom create a replica – a few excellent options are already out there. I’ll point them out as they pop up. Mrs. Bow Tie in particular has spent much time replicating many of these ties, with varied success. If anyone knows of other places manufacturing replicas, please let me know.Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012

Please note that this list only includes bowties. Other neckwear, such as the striped cravat from The Snowmen (see right), have been intentionally omitted from this list.

For Series 5, Smith wears two bowties, both pre-tied, one plain burgundy and one navy blue. In Series 6, these bowties were retired and three custom created self-ties took their place, two navy/gray and a textured take on the iconic burgundy look. After the departure of the Ponds in Series 7, Smith suddenly gets a plethora of (also custom made) bowties to match his new dark purple frock coat and ensemble (although the fabrics are long gone, it’s been discovered that Bowties 10, 11, and 12 were made by Budd Shirtmakers). Also, appearing with tuxedos are a white textured bowtie or a plain black silk bowtie. The anomalous bowtie, 6b, is most likely Bowtie 4 under heavy post-production editing. Bowtie 6a isn’t included in the main count because it only appears once in a full episode, untied, and is otherwise only seen in minisodes. EDIT: A minor error in an earlier version of this list combined bow tie 6c and bow tie 3, despite them actually being different ties. Despite its heavy use in Let’s Kill Hitler, because that’s the only non-short episode it appears in – and for the sake of simplicity – I’ve given it another “honorary” number instead of amending the full count to reflect the “new” tie.

Series 5

Bowtie 1: Burgundy, plain silk weave, pre-tied. Mrs. Bow Tie and Abbeyshot offer replicas of this iconic tie.
Bowtie 2: Navy, denim fabric, pre-tied.
Bowtie 3: White, silk piqué weave, pre-tied.

Series 6

The rest of these bowties are self-tie.

Bowtie 4: Navy/gray, bark-like pattern, silk weave. Mrs. Bow Tie has two takes on this tie.
Bowtie 5: Navy/gray, interlocking I pattern, silk weave. Magnoli offers a replica, as well as Mrs. Bow Tie.
Bowtie 6: Burgundy, silk grenadine weave. Mrs. Bow Tie has an interesting interpretation of this tie and a screen accurate non-replica is available through Dalvey.
Bowtie 6a: Black, plain silk weave
Bowtie 6b: ??? – this tie appears only once, briefly, in Pond Life 5, and is probably Bowtie 4. It is included here for thoroughness.
Bowtie 6c: White, traditional piqué weave.

Series 7

Bowtie 7: Purple, floral jacquard pattern
Bowtie 8: Dark purple, floral pattern on patterned silk (it’s important to note that the purple silk background has a woven design in it that the sprigs are layered on top of – on the full view of the index, the design is somewhat visible). Mrs. Bow Tie has a replica available, as well as Magnoli Clothiers.
Bowtie 9: Purple/brown, dots forming a repeating chevron pattern. Magnoli Clothiers offers an excellent replica, as does Mrs. Bow Tie.
Bowtie 10: Purple/dark taupe, circles placed in a grid pattern, possibly embroidered or printed. Mrs. Bow Tie offers a replica. Publicity photos of this bowtie confirm that the color is somewhere between the color of his purple/silver waistcoat and the purple of the frock coat.
Bowtie 11: Taupe, with printed red and blue designs. Mrs. Bow Tie comes through again with their take on this tie.
Bowtie 12: Dark purple twill, with sparse white dots. Both Mrs. Bow Tie and Abbeyshot manufacture replicas of this tie. The Tie Bar offers a surprisingly close non-replica.

(Click image for high resolution)

Matt Smith Visual Bowtie Index


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  1. Trent says:

    It’s great to see that someone is cataloging the 11th Doctor ties! I’ve started my own small collection of replicas over the past year. Your visual index could come in handy. 🙂

  2. bigbadwolfeboro says:

    thank you very much for this, the where to buy links were especially helpful

  3. janehatzl says:
    Thought id share with you this mini Dr Who fan who is trying to meet his idol.

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