A Gift from Janis Joplin!

As I’ve recently changed jobs and moved significantly far from my old house, I haven’t had the money to really go and buy a bunch of nice cosplay pieces. But there’s one thing I’ve been too impatient about to let go any longer, and I recently made a major purchase that I am so excited to finally announce I have acquired!


A friend of mine has been selling off all of his old Tennant gear and we’re almost the same size, so he sold me his Steve Ricks coat.


It was one of his earlier coats in the second-generation Malabar fabric (a near perfect match for the original Alcantara), so the lining is his old choice of self-striped lining (as opposed to the custom reweave of the real lining fabric that he eventually commissioned), so that will be replaced eventually (that’s another major money investment so no time soon, I’m sure). Everything else about it is magnificent. Initially I thought I would have to hem the skirt and sleeves, but with my suit jacket on, I have enough extra bulk that it fits me perfectly in those places. It does look a touch big without the suit on but it’s fine. The back will need to be taken in slightly to fit me a little better (my friend is taller than me) but otherwise it’s perfect.

I really can’t wait until it gets cold enough to wear it around town!

Now my major mods need to happen to take my cosplay from looking perfect to fitting perfect. The sleeves on my Baron-tailored suit (Magnoli fabric) need to be let out about a half inch, and the armpit holes need to be recut to allow a much fuller range of motion than I currently have. The coat fits perfectly but I’m still at the mercy of the suit’s range of motion and I really don’t want to rip the suit. The pants need to be hemmed like a quarter inch or a half inch, just to get the legs from being stepped on while I walk – I don’t want to wear through the pants hem since that can’t really be fixed once it’s worn through. I also got some screen accurate suit buttons and I’ll be popping the buttons off my GAP waistband so I can replace my current buttons. I was going to wait until my suit was altered to change the buttons but I think I’ll do the front and pants buttons now just to get them done. The sleeve buttons I’ll wait until my sleeves are done to move them.

Got my work cut out for me! I want to start putting together my next Doctor Who cosplay, but my finances can’t support it at the moment. Soon, however, the pieces will all start coming together! Updates when that happens!



About Alex

Alex is a writer, actor, tailor, and professional loudmouth. He has no professional or celebrity endorsements, though he did once meet Conan O'Brien while dressed as the Tenth Doctor. He's just a guy who needs a healthy outlet for his internalized rage once in a while.
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7 Responses to A Gift from Janis Joplin!

  1. Aaron says:

    Baron-tailored suit (Magnoli fabric)

    Would you recommend this suit over a standard Magnoli?

    • Alex says:

      At the time, yes, but since I got my suit, Magnoli has updated their pattern and it is excellent now, as good or better than Baron’s. Buying Magnoli fabric and sending it to Baron will still be cheaper than Magnoli by about $75 but it’s a huge hassle to ship the fabric there and back and there again. I’d recommend just going through Magnoli, unless you’re really tight on money.

  2. Lewis says:

    Nice cosplay, Just curious as to where the coat is from, is it the Magnoli one?

  3. Claudia says:

    Congrats on acquiring such a top-notch coat! I am actually interested in getting one as well but I can’t quite figure out how to contact the dude. Think you could point me in the right direction?

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