Matt Smith Series 6 Bowties

EDIT: A minor error in an earlier version of this list combined bow tie 6c and bow tie 3 (Series 5), despite them actually being different ties. Despite its heavy use in Let’s Kill Hitler, since that’s the only non-short episode it appears in and it is a traditional bow tie – and for the sake of simplicity – I’ve given it another “honorary” number instead of amending the full count to reflect the “new” tie.

Alright! I’ve finally got the details on the Series 6 bowties ironed out, so it’s time to post the results!

For Series 6, Smith’s Doctor grew up a little, and as a result got a whole new set of bowties, three this time, all custom made, and all self-tied, as well as the grown-up self-tie version of the traditional white tie. The first custom tie is navy/gray and has a bark effect. Secondly is another navy/gray tie, with an interlocking “I” pattern sometimes referred to as an Aztec key pattern. The Is are lightly raised from the base fabric and is probably a jacquard weave. The third custom tie is a new incarnation of the iconic burgundy bowtie, with a grenadine weave this time, making it much more textured than its Series 5 counterpart.6x00-A Christmas Carol 1221

Also of note are two lesser bowties, one which might not even “exist.” Firstly is a black bowtie which only briefly appears, untied, in A Christmas Carol (see right), and from thereon out only in minisodes. Since it doesn’t really feature as a “Matt Smith Bowtie” I didn’t give it its own number.

The more mysterious bowtie is one that only appears VERY briefly in the minisode Pond Life 5 – Steve Ricks believes its the bark tie (and it probably is) but it’s really too difficult to make a real assessment from the episode. It appears to be a plain bowtie and in the lighting of the shot it appears a muddy olive green but the shot has obviously been color-altered in post-production and it could easily be almost any color bowtie in that lighting. It’s very likely it’s the bark bowtie but I made a separate note for it for the sake of thoroughness.

Again, all of these bowties were custom made, save the new white tie, as were the Series 7b bowties, and many of the fabrics were tracked down several years ago and the fabrics that still existed were scarce – none of these original fabrics exist anymore. Magnoli Clothiers sells a replica of Bowtie 5 and Dalvey sells an extremely accurate version of Bowtie 6, though it was not intended as a replica. The self-tie white piqué bow tie is an easy find as it is a traditional look and weave with a long history.

Matt Smith Visual Bowtie Index6


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2 Responses to Matt Smith Series 6 Bowties

  1. Jason Aud says:

    Is this the Dalvey bow tie you were referring to for tie 6? Wasn’t sure since the link didn’t go anywhere any longer. I did the “Closing Time” outfit before but just used my burgundy S5 bow tie and was going to look into improving it. Was just asking since it has the pattern but is “Bright Red”. Might possibly be darkened?


    • Alex says:

      It’s really close to the same fabric but you’re right in thinking it’s too bright red. I know the burgundy one was recently on sale so it’s possible they discontinued it. Maybe try to find an outlet? It can probably be darkened but that sounds like a pain

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