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As Gallifrey One draws ever closer, the final pieces for my new cosplays are beginning to arrive. I recently took some major leaps to invest in some accessories for my S6 Matt Smith look, and today I’m here to tell you about three of them and where to buy them!
burgundytiesFirst up is the S6 burgundy bowtie – it’s notably different from its S5 counterpart for two major reasons. To begin with, it’s a self-tie bowtie, unlike his S5 bowtie (which is a pre-tied), and secondly, the bowtie has a very characteristic weave, called a grenadine weave, which gives it a particular texture not present on the S5 tie.

As I’m specifically focusing on the S6 look, I wanted to make sure my bowtie was a grenadine self-tie, to help distinguish my cosplay.

It turns out, however, that grenadine weaves comes in a variety, and trend on the more expensive side. At a tip from another cosplayer on Gallifrey Base, I found myself very interested in a very accurate bowtie, but held off purchasing it for a long time as it was a little expensive. Turns out that I couldn’t find another bowtie even close, so I bit the bullet and purchased it. Well, it arrived the other day and WOW am I pleased!


The bowtie you see above is sold by Dalvey, a men’s clothing and accessories store, and this bowtie is, of course, their burgundy grenadine weave. I have a 15.5″ neck and I have to loosen it considerably for it to tie correctly. It’s possible it could be a bit darker but it’s truly a fabulous match, and the weave is perfect.


Click here to purchase this bowtie from Dalvey!

The second thing I’m here to talk about is a peculiar detail.

IMG_4978cropThroughout most of Matt Smith’s era, he wears suspenders, and often does he wear dark red or burgundy suspenders. But he appears to have a lot of different suspenders on hand, as he wears a lot of odd variations to what appear to be otherwise the same pair throughout his time.d13-11u-0102crop Notably, however, for The Angels Take Manhattan, his burgundy suspenders get the notable addition of leather drop clips. Stills from onset show us that this pair of suspenders has a Y-back and the clip in the back is also a leather drop clip.

These suspenders are a dark red. Steve Ricks recently found a pair of extremely good close-enoughs from Stacy Adams – though unfortunately not Y-backed, the color looks fabulous from the retail image and they have the correct drop clips in front. I picked up a pair of these and, unfortunately, they’re a bit brighter in person than the richer color of Smith’s, but otherwise I have no complaints about them.

While doing some research for a friend, however, I stumbled across a website that sold the correct Y-backed suspenders in the correct width with the correct leather drop clips in a burgundy color – for even less expensive than the Stacy Adams braces I picked them up, and while the back is correct, the color is perhaps even further from the real ones, being an oddly faded burgundy instead of the rich red of the screen worn pair. Still, the back is correct and they photograph pretty well – for half the price, it’s a worthwhile investment to look into. They also sell them in “red” so perhaps those are even closer to the real deal than mine!


Click here to purchase the above suspenders from!

And lastly, a quick detail and a collector’s piece for any Smith fan – and cheap too!
My favorite S6 look is, if you couldn’t tell, the blue shirt with the burgundy bowtie as seen in The Angels Take Manhattan and Closing Time. When I purchased the tweed and boots, I also purchased a number of shirts and accessories from the same seller, which includes the correct braces for Closing Time, and since I was going to be putting the rest of the outfit together anyways, I decided to go ahead and invest in the Doctor’s nametag from the department store he works at.

Some quick looking revealed an Etsy seller with a very good replica at a laughably affordable price. Even if I wasn’t going to cosplay with it, I probably would have gone ahead and purchased it anyways!

IMG_4140editClick here to purchase the nametag from Etsy seller AlphaEngravers!


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Alex is a writer, actor, tailor, and professional loudmouth. He has no professional or celebrity endorsements, though he did once meet Conan O'Brien while dressed as the Tenth Doctor. He's just a guy who needs a healthy outlet for his internalized rage once in a while.
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One Response to Here to Help

  1. Trent says:

    Thanks for the links! When I was looking for one of those name badges a couple years ago, the only thing available was the official Forbidden Planet version, which annoyingly has copyright labeling on the face of it.
    That tie is the closest thing I’ve seen to screen used. Definitely gonna think about it. 🙂

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