Magnoli Clothiers – Tying up the Details

For the serious Doctor Who cosplayer, few resources have made themselves as indispensable as Magnoli Clothiers. Ready to order, custom made, high quality garments made often from custom replicated fabrics, always adding and amending their stock to create what is the most comprehensive list of high-end cosplay pieces available right now.

While not always perfect, Magnoli Clothiers has created itself one particular niche where it has no competitor: In the replication of the ties worn by David Tennant throughout his tenure as The Doctor.

867dff88071252e46524e33fb4dbfe2eAs it stands right now, Magnoli replicates 11 of the 13 ties worn by Tennant on the show and the embroidered tie worn by Matt Smith in The Eleventh Hour – the only two he’s missing are the unidentified vintage floral tie worn briefly in The Christmas Invasion and the dark brown and gold, spotted tie worn in School Reunion. Most of the ties he offers are either in their second or third revisions (eg, The Swirly Tie) or were replicated directly from an original tie (eg, The Moffet Tie – see replica next to original above at left) and are therefore extremely accurate – I’ve reviewed two of them on my blog previously.

One of the biggest challenges to creating these replicas is the lack of proper reference material. Even high resolution photographs leave a lot to be desired as a single silk thread used in tie making is generally thinner than the average human hair. Most of these ties have complex weaves and the look of the tie dramatically alters when turned in different directions, so minor changes in the weave can have major effects on the outcome of the product.

Dr Who sale Feb 2010 - Lot-07One of the biggest challenges here is the scarcity of the original ties. Some of these ties, like the Armani and St. George by Duffer ties, have been known to surface, so getting someone to collaborate with Magnoli using their originals is not unheard of. But many of these ties have never been privately owned: The Yves Saint Laurent, the brown Massimo Dutti, the Hechter tie… nobody has ever gotten their hands on these ties. At least, nobody who wants to let themselves be known to the community or help us out.

Luckily for us nerds, occasionally one of these ties pops up in another form or other – sometimes the designers do the same tie in several different colorways, sometimes the weaves are sold to other companies, who weave the same ties in alternate colors (even more difficult to track down)…

For the latest tie revamp, look no further than Blue Suit favorite Nina Ricci!

david-tennant-and-nina-ricci-tie-with-herringboned-burgundy-background-with-mauve-random-flora-random-design-galleryThe Nina Ricci tie is one of the few ties that has never revealed itself to anyone, to my knowledge. It’s also one of the most popular ties he wears, behind the Kenzo and Armani. There’s no great photos of it in existence on David and for a while there was simply the photo at left and some shots taken by a cosplayer when it was on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. s-l300From it, Magnoli was able to draw a very good pattern and created a tie that has been a staple of Tenth Doctor cosplayers ever since, despite the factory deciding to simplify the background weave of the tie.

However, the proper weave of the tie has turned up (though in an alternate colorway), and high res scans have been sent to Magnoli for a major revamp.


This one is cut upside down from at least one of the ties worn by David Tennant, but it’s still clearly the real deal. No, I am (sadly) not the owner of this tie, but its owner has allowed me to do this quick write up in anticipation of Magnoli’s rerelease of the tie.

That ALSO means that the old version of the tie is currently being discounted! If you’re happy with the older version of the tie and you’ve always wanted it, or if you simply want to compare the two versions, click here to buy the “Sontaran” tie at a nice discount!


The real deal has actually quite a complex weave – the pattern is not wood cut on top of the background as Magnoli’s was, but is actually a jacquard variation in a new color (in the SA case, that beautiful blue/mauve color). This creates a beautiful iridescence that I’m so excited to finally see on Magnoli’s version!

Take this post as a teaser of things to come! And keep a weather eye on Magnoli’s website – this is a tie you’ll want to add to your collection!



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Alex is a writer, actor, tailor, and professional loudmouth. He has no professional or celebrity endorsements, though he did once meet Conan O'Brien while dressed as the Tenth Doctor. He's just a guy who needs a healthy outlet for his internalized rage once in a while.
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