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Magnoli Clothiers – Tying up the Details

For the serious Doctor Who cosplayer, few resources have made themselves as indispensable as Magnoli Clothiers. Ready to order, custom made, high quality garments made often from custom replicated fabrics, always adding and amending their stock to create what is … Continue reading

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God is in the Details

I am a screen accurate junkie. (What?? No way! I don’t believe you!!) Well, believe it, baby. And as a screen accurate junkie, with so much knowledge available on the most intimate details of the most recent Doctors, there are … Continue reading

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Magnoli Tie Review: The Armani Tie

At Gallifrey One this past year, I had a situation I blogged about where I ran into a Ten cosplayer who was wearing an Armani tie who I did not recognize (I know most of the cosplayers with original Armanis, … Continue reading

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Searching for Vintage GAP Pants – A Saga

David Tennant is my Doctor. I know that’s a bit cliché, and I do hate clichés, but his performance on the show was extremely important to me at a very dark time in my life, and his character gave me … Continue reading

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Review – The NEW Magnoli Utopia Tie

This weekend at Gallifrey One, I managed to hang out with one of my favorite cosplayers (and good friend) 10nant Cosplay. He’s a fabulous man and an excellent Ten cosplayer, and is quite fond of Magnoli Clothiers and owns a good … Continue reading

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A Gift from Janis Joplin!

As I’ve recently changed jobs and moved significantly far from my old house, I haven’t had the money to really go and buy a bunch of nice cosplay pieces. But there’s one thing I’ve been too impatient about to let … Continue reading

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St. George by Duffer – Check!

One of the few Tennant ties I see pop up on eBay with any regularity is the St. George by Duffer worn by David Tennant in the three-part arc Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords (you may remember … Continue reading

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