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The Anatomy of a Decent Shirt

Today we deep dive into the custom dress shirts made for Matt Smith by the BBC! Everything you ever wanted to know about them, and oh so much more! Continue reading

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A Decent Shirt – The Smith Shirt Index

(Infographic at the end of this post!) Of the many Matt Smith items that have been categorically dissected over the years, one thing I still haven’t seen much discussion of is his custom dress shirts – which I recently (finally) … Continue reading

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Crowley WIP – Accessories

I was trying to keep my costs low. But this snake belt is a very prominent feature of his look, and is so unique, I didn’t know what to do. Continue reading

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Part 2 – Altering the Abbyshot Capaldi Coat

Continued from Part 1! If you remember from the last post, I had altered the body of my coat to a satisfactory size – which included taking over 5″ from the waist and 3″ off the sleeve length. The next … Continue reading

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Part 1 – Altering the Abbyshot Capaldi Coat

Last Gallifrey One, I was very excited to debut my first Twelfth Doctor outfits. I had spent so much time and energy (and money) putting together the three “plaid” looks that I couldn’t wait to show off. There was only one … Continue reading

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Cosplay Build: The Silver Matt Smith Waistcoat

There are some fabrics that, when gone, are impossible to truly replace. For the screen accurate live-action cosplayer, this can be a major stumbling block. Until Abbyshot released their 7b frock coat, the only real option was to drop the … Continue reading

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The Wand Company Eleventh/Twelfth Doctor’s Sonics – The Exhaustive Review

At San Diego Comic-Con this year, I was lucky enough to be part of The Wand Company’s limited run of new extending Twelfth Doctor sonic screwdriver universal remotes as #039 of 168 numbered pilot production units. I had extraordinary fun … Continue reading

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Magnoli Tie Review: The Armani Tie

At Gallifrey One this past year, I had a situation I blogged about where I ran into a Ten cosplayer who was wearing an Armani tie who I did not recognize (I know most of the cosplayers with original Armanis, … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Management Team at San Diego Comic-Con

This last weekend, I had the pleasure to attend San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in my life. I have a post about all the amazing things I experienced coming, but before I get to that I would like … Continue reading

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More alternatives – S18 Tom Baker socks!

In 1980, Tom Baker’s outfit got a major make-over for S18 as part of new producer John Nathan-Turner’s vision for the show. He was outfitted in a burgundy scheme “swashbuckling” costume, complete with a new scarf. This costume has been … Continue reading

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