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Tennant Suit Project: The Christmas Special (Jacket)

I had my wonderful, awful, Christmas/Tennant/Two-Face trousers, but this was only half a suit! The next hurdle was the jacket. Continue reading

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Tennant Suit Project: The Christmas Special (Trousers)

I knew, the only way I would be truly happy with my Tenth Doctor suit was if I made it myself, fit it myself, and had complete control over all the details. Then, as The Grinch himself once did, I had a idea. An awful idea. I had a wonderful, awful idea. Continue reading

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Cosplay Build: The Silver Matt Smith Waistcoat pt. 2

Continued from Part 1! I had never constructed a garment before. I’d done some sewing in the past, so I knew my way around a sewing machine, and I’d done quite a bit of research online, so I was intimidated … Continue reading

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