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Cosplay Build: The Silver Matt Smith Waistcoat pt. 2

Continued from Part 1! I had never constructed a garment before. I’d done some sewing in the past, so I knew my way around a sewing machine, and I’d done quite a bit of research online, so I was intimidated … Continue reading

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Cuff ‘Em, Boys!

As I started discussing in my last post, I’m all about the little details. I’m also learning how to sew and alter clothing, so it made sense to help cut my teeth on a modification detail that’s been bugging me … Continue reading

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Nordstrom Rack and Cathy Jean – Substitute Cosplay Options!

As a cosplayer, I’m cursed with always seeing cosplay options no matter where I’m going to shop. Usually, it’s disappointing, because I’m very particular about details and it’s rare to find true matches for color, fabric, tailoring, and the other … Continue reading

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