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Cuff ‘Em, Boys!

As I started discussing in my last post, I’m all about the little details. I’m also learning how to sew and alter clothing, so it made sense to help cut my teeth on a modification detail that’s been bugging me … Continue reading

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God is in the Details

I am a screen accurate junkie. (What?? No way! I don’t believe you!!) Well, believe it, baby. And as a screen accurate junkie, with so much knowledge available on the most intimate details of the most recent Doctors, there are … Continue reading

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Saving the World in a Decent Shirt

Shirts are the one part of cosplay that I absolutely hate. You spend all this money on the right coat, the right pants, a waistcoat, accessories, maybe even the right shoes, and suddenly you realize that you need a shirt … Continue reading

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Here to Help

As Gallifrey One draws ever closer, the final pieces for my new cosplays are beginning to arrive. I recently took some major leaps to invest in some accessories for my S6 Matt Smith look, and today I’m here to tell … Continue reading

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Matt Smith Series 6 Bowties

EDIT: A minor error in an earlier version of this list combined bow tie 6c and bow tie 3 (Series 5), despite them actually being different ties. Despite its heavy use in Let’s Kill Hitler, since that’s the only non-short episode it appears … Continue reading

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Matt Smith alt boots – for the ladies!

Every now and again, while shopping for non-cosplay reasons, cosplay alternatives pop out at me against my will. Today I have a lovely option for female Matt Smith cosplayers who dress in the Series 6 outfit! The boots Matt Smith wears in … Continue reading

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