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The Anatomy of a Decent Shirt

Today we deep dive into the custom dress shirts made for Matt Smith by the BBC! Everything you ever wanted to know about them, and oh so much more! Continue reading

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A Decent Shirt – The Smith Shirt Index

(Infographic at the end of this post!) Of the many Matt Smith items that have been categorically dissected over the years, one thing I still haven’t seen much discussion of is his custom dress shirts – which I recently (finally) … Continue reading

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The UniQlo Shirt

EDIT: As new information regarding the UniQlo shirts comes to light, this post will be periodically updated to reflect that information. Last update 2/2/2016 With a new Doctor on the horizon, who’s already begun filming, there’s been a lot of … Continue reading

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Nordstrom Rack and Cathy Jean – Substitute Cosplay Options!

As a cosplayer, I’m cursed with always seeing cosplay options no matter where I’m going to shop. Usually, it’s disappointing, because I’m very particular about details and it’s rare to find true matches for color, fabric, tailoring, and the other … Continue reading

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